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Schweiter Technologies AG

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Corporate Profile

Schweiter Technologies is a traditional Swiss group operating in the textile machinery, coating and semiconductor/assembly automation business.

In the business segment Textile Machinery, SSM, is the leader in precision winding, offering advanced winding systems for a wide application. With the acquisitons of Stähle-Eltex and Hacoba Spultechnik our efforts for a continuous development of new fields of business fitted into this strategy. All companies have a clear dominance in the market niches they cover.

In the business segment "Vacuum Coating" Satis Vacuum is a dynamic, innovative company specialised in coating technology for ophtalmic lenses. The strategy of Satis is to further strengthen the market leadership as well as to enter into new application areas that can be developed with the existing technology and marketing resources.

With the acquisition of Ismeca in 2000, Schweiter Technologies built up the two new business segments Ismeca Semiconductor and Ismeca Automation. Ismeca has a worldwide leading position in their respective field of activity. "Automation" focuses on offering custom designed assembly lines for high volume production of industrial and consumer products, such as inkjet cartridges, medical kits and electromechanical devices. "Semiconductor" concentrates on machines which are used for backend-processes such as assembly and packaging of devices in semiconductor manufacturing.


Schweiter Technologies Group Structure

Schweiter Technologies Group Structure